1st Choice takes care of your cat's nutrition, thanks to the latest nutritional research and development. A dedicated team of veterinarians, agronomists and biologists is working on the development of highly nutritious and attractive formulas. The 1st Choice Super Premium Nutrition formula is today the best choice for your cat: the first ingredient in each formula is top quality fresh meat, no animal products are used, preservatives are 100% natural with guaranteed freshness. 1st Choice's Super Premium products have high digestibility due to reduced carbohydrate intake, natural appetizers make a unique taste. The formulas are scientifically and specifically designed to fit the lifestyle and the age of the single cat, and are also developed to clean the teeth and favor digestibility. Give your cat a healthy life! An innovative nutrition for your cat: urinary pH control with decreasing urine acidity; Shiny malt and mud reduction thanks to an optimal balance of omega 6, omega 3 and essential fatty acids that help to get a glossy coat, and with a healthier skin it reduces hair loss; DHA to support cognitive development and acumen; Hairball Control which consists of flea control; Odor Control for a reduction in urinary and facial odors; Strengthening the Immune System; Dental Care System to eliminate harmful oral bacteria; Digestive Care System to maintain proper bowel health; Joint Care System for optimal bone development and keep the joints in perfect shape; Weight Control, to help to metabolize the fats and inhibit their build up while maintaining muscle mass lean; Vision + to maintain optimal visual functions and a healthy cardiovascular system. An excellent feed to keep your cats healthy!