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4Vets Umido Cane Weight Reduction

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Formato: 185 g.

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The 4vets Weight Reduction veterinary diet is a complete specialist food for dogs, recommended in case of overweight and obesity, diagnosed with diabetes and after sterilization to prevent the development of overweight and obesity. The diet, thanks to its low fat and L-carnitine content, supports the slimming process. The greatest amount of fibers reduces the feeling of hunger.

Dog owners are increasingly struggling with the problem of obesity among their pets. It is a disease dependent on the diet, which also affects the emergence of disorders such as: joint diseases, diabetes or increased susceptibility to infections. Taking into account the extent of the problem, early prophylaxis is very important, that is, first of all, you regularly check the weight of the dog. The observation of the development of the overweight in a dog in the initial phase gives a real possibility that the dietary treatment introduced based on a specialized veterinary diet, such as 4vets Weight Reduction, does not lead to the development of overweight, and consequently of obesity.

185 g.