Pronature Holistic is a pure and simple delight for your four-legged friend. This range of products is a hybrid line that combines two types of natural and organic nutrition. Each croquette contains a unique combination of lovingly selected and selected ingredients to ensure the health and well being that only true animal lovers seek. Holistic Prescriptions is a completely natural food line developed for pets that has as its main objective the health and general development of your pet. As you will know, feeding the cat has a very important impact on his health, life expectancy and vitality. Pronature Holistic is a unique beneficial food, inspired by holistic philosophy, supported by in-depth studies and based on a multidisciplinary approach. Always looking for new ideas and innovative products, the team of veterinarians, agronomists and biologists has developed Pronature Holistic without adding any kind of animal by-products, either chemical or artificial dyes, but only natural preservatives that guarantee freshness. All recipes are simply natural. Croquettes made with natural biotechnologies, Pronature Holistic is made with exquisite ingredients: carefully selected fresh meat from selected Canadian farms (chicken, turkey and duck fed cereals) and fresh fish products delivered directly to our production site; Full-bodied and wild rice rich in nutritional elements, pearled barley and oatmeal; Also a mixture of fine aromatic herbs, fruits and vegetables that enhance the taste and make the vitamins and the macro and micro-minerals essential for the well-being of your animal. Various recipes with main ingredients such as Chicken and Sweet Potatoes, Salmon and Whole Rice, Duck, Turkey and Red Cranberries, White Fish and Rice. Look for the formula that best suits your cat's specific needs. Only offer top quality ingredients to your best friend.