Pronatures is recognized globally for the dedication to the well-being of our pets and the use of selected high quality raw materials; Always in search of innovative solutions in the field of animal nutrition, has developed a new line of holistic food inspired by the best diets in the world: Mediterranean, Asian and Nordic. Asian Diet is one of the healthiest and most creative diets in the world, rich in fresh vegetables that are the optimum source of vitamins, fibers and antioxidants. Fish is the main protein source, rich in omega 3 fatty acids They guarantee the well-being of the cardio-circulatory system and a healthy cranial activity, in addition the coconut provides minerals, fibers and a unique composition of beneficial fatty acids and seaweed-rich Kelp algae stimulates metabolism. The Mediterranean Diet is considered one of the keys to ensuring our cat has a long and active life. The nutritional and cultural values ​​of this diet are recognized as the best defense of cardiovascular, metabolic and gastrointestinal diseases. This formula is simply perfect, it has the main protein source that is rich in fatty acids such as mega 3 and 6, fish is supplemented with vitamin B and mineral salts, sweet potatoes as a source of carbohydrates, flax seeds , Tomatoes, basil, parsley. The Nordika Diet is a simple and eco-friendly lifestyle, in keeping with nature and seasons, eating healthy foods. Pronatures inspires the vital nutrition model to provide your cat with all the vitality and energy he needs. Nordicö has as its only protein source the human-friendly turkey meat, which contains high-value biological proteins and essential amino acids. To accompany the turkey we find a mix of crisp fresh apples, red cranberries, black cranberries and carrots for a load of vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants, aromatic herbs and special ingredients bring this recipe a balanced taste and benefits to your animal's health..