Pronatures is recognized globally for the dedication to the well-being of our pets and the use of selected high quality raw materials; Always in search of innovative solutions in the field of animal nutrition, has developed a new line of holistic food inspired by the best diets in the world: Mediterranean, Asian and Nordic. Each recipe is different, an exciting melting of the healthiest and coolest ingredients with the utmost attention to genuine goodness. Each formula gathers the benefits and traditional wisdom of good nutrition. The formulas Pronature Holistic Mediterranéa, Asiatò and Nordikö are grain-free and based on a single protein source. These recipes use only the freshest ingredients, the vegetables used are harvested to the right degree of maturation, aromatic herbs are carefully selected based on their traditional health benefits and provide exceptional flavor in a natural way. In appetite tests, observers have never seen dogs and cats enjoy the food with such passion. But it's not just a tasty and healthy food, what makes these foods unique is the well-being that the combination of selected ingredients brings to our animals, reflecting not only the aesthetic and physical appearance but also the psychophysical harmony that determines A state of general equilibrium and positive energy. These formulas are so good for a variety of reasons, the first is that they are "Grain Free" cereals suitable for dogs and cats with cereal assimilation problems, balanced and complete recipes to ensure optimal digestibility for all dogs and cats; and the right flavor derived from carbohydrates is given from lentils, sweet potatoes and tapioca, fruits and vegetables. Another reason is the source of proteins that in these formulas is a single , meat or fish based on the chosen recipe, to resolve and prevent intolerance or allergy pathologies to some proteins. Last but not least, the dogs and cats wellness are satisfied with only fresh and genuine ingredients available on the market to give only the best to our 4-legged friends. The three formulas of the Holistic Grain Free formulas are formulas that meet the nutritional requirements for all the life stages of our animal.