1st Choice takes care of your dog's nutrition thanks to the latest nutritional research and development. The dedicated team of veterinarians, agronomists and biologists works relentlessly to develop highly nutritious and attractive innovative formulations. 1st Choice Super Premium Nutrition formulas are today the best choice for your dog. The 1st choice products are designed with the highest quality ingredients, with fresh meat suitable for human consumption, are studied without corn, wheat and soy, without animal products for optimal digestibility. The preservatives that are used are 100% natural, natural appetizers make a unique taste that your dog will love. These formulas are scientifically and specifically developed to suit the lifestyle and age of your dog. 1st choice croquettes have been specially designed to aid digestibility and tooth cleansing; Guarantee your dog a healthy life. Each product is associated with a "Triple Action" symbol and indicates the main benefits each formula brings to your dog. This makes it more immediate to identify the specific benefits and the ingredient associated with them.An innovative nutrition for your dog: Dental care system to improve oral dog hygiene; Omega 3-6-9 help get and maintain a shiny malt and reduce hair loss by promoting a healthier skin; DHA favors cognitive development; Immune + ie strengthening the immune system; Odour Control to reduce the production of facial and urinary odors; Digestive Care System to promote the development of intestinal bacterial flora; Fiber + to improve intestinal transit; Joint Care System to improve and maintain the joints in perfect shape; Weight Control to help to metabolize fat and inhibit its build up, in addition keeps muscle mass slender; Vision + to maintain optimal visual functions and a healthy cardiovascular system; Opti pH ie urinary pH control decreasing the acidity of the urine which is one of the major factors in the development of urinary crystals. An excellent feed to keep your dogs healthy!

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1st Choice Dog Toy&Small Weight Control
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