1st ChoiceSuper Premium feed line for dogs and cats produced in Canada by the family-owned PLB International that takes care of the well-being of your 4-legged friends thanks to innovative recipes designed using only genuine nutrient-rich ingredients that meet the specifications Your pet's dietary needs, based on their overall health and the stage of life. 1st Choice is distinguished by the high quality of raw materials, the use of high quality meat suitable for human consumption and a strict quality standard applied throughout the process of the production chain. Super Premium products from the 1st Choice range are extremely pleasing and formulated to provide extra energy, weight control, control and maintenance of healthy skin and coat. Made with top quality ingredients, 1st choice is the only source of daily nutrition developed to improve every stage of animal life. These Superpremium products for cats and dogs are free from preservatives, dyes and chemical or artificial suppurants, without animal's products, wheat and soy, have a low carbohydrate content and incorporate the findings of the latest scientific discoveries to promote health and vitality . 1st Choice is also the first line of defense for your pet. Products are not specifically formulated to be used in a treatment scenario, they can be a proactive way to prevent common everyday disturbances, with ingredients and nutrients adapted to the stage of life, weight, lifestyle, and more.