Pronature Holistic is a Super Premium cat breed for dogs and cats produced in Canada by PLB International that takes care of the well-being of your 4-legged friends. The priority of this company is quality in preparing recipes using the best ingredients inspired by Mother Nature itself. Today, pets do not have the same lifestyle, so formulas are being studied for their contemporary needs. The Pronature Holistic contain fresh meat or fresh selected as the first ingredient, sources of different proteins to optimize the absorption of essential amino acids to promote health and longevity and fortify the immune system, plus we find an appetizing combination Natural fruits, vegetables and spices that provide your dogs and cats with the nutrients they need. Within the products there are no traces of animal by-products or second-choice ingredients, artificial flavors and dyes. Among the recipes of Pronature Holistic we find classic high quality recipes with various formulas to suit every age range of our pet from puppy to old dog or cat. The main ingredients we find are chicken and sweet potatoes, salmon and whole rice, duck à l'orange, turkey and cranberries, white fish and rice . In the duck formula we do not find cereals because formulated as Grain free. In addition to classic recipes, Pronature has created new-generation recipes inspired by major Asian, Mediterranean and Nordic diets, with only one source of grain free grain free protein (meat or fish) Also meet the needs of dogs and cats with food allergies or intolerances. Feeding your pet with a healthy diet made from carefully selected ingredients is the greatest sign of love there. The way your pet feeds has a major impact on your health and well being.