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4Vets Umido Cane Joint Gastro intestinal

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The Gasts Intestinal 4vets diet is a complete and easily digestible food for dogs with symptoms of digestive disorders and intestinal absorption, with diarrhea and inflammation of the stomach. It contains easily digestible ingredients, a low level of fat and a greater quantity of electrolytes, whose task is to reintegrate the lost substances due to problems related to the digestive process. Also recommended during convalescence after illness. After consulting a veterinarian, it can be used in conditions of chronic pancreatic insufficiency.

The use of an easily digestible diet, through a varied consistency and the content of easily digestible proteins and fats, with factors of high biological value.

185 g.
tacchino 27% (filetto, fegato, stomaci), filetto di salmone 20%, fecola di patate 6%, olio di salmone 2%, olio di lino 1%, semi di lino 0,4%, lievito di birra essiccato 0,4% (fonte di prebiotici): mannano-oligosaccaridi e β-glucani), semi di psillio

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