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4Vets Umido Cane Allergy

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Formato: 400 g.

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The 4vets Allergy Veterinary Diet is a complete dietary food for dogs with symptoms of allergy or food intolerance. It contains a source of protein and a greater quantity of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, thanks to which it soes irritation, regenerates the skin and reduces inflammation. The diet reduces the risk of diarrhea caused by food intolerances caused by non -immune factors. Food allergy, on the other hand, is the body's immune response to contact with the allergy protein. In epidemiological studies on dogs, the main allergens were beef, wheat, chicken, chicken eggs and soybeans. The symptoms of food allergy are most of the time skin lesions and, less frequently, gastrointestinal symptoms, which may or may not be associated with skin related symptoms. Both in case of allergies,


lamb 37% (lungs, stomachs, liver), potato starch 4%, salmon oil 2.5%, dried brewer's yeast 0.9% (source of prebiotics: mannan-oligosaccharides and β-glucans), linseed oil 0.8%, calcium carbonate, 0.3% psyllium seeds, sodium tripolyphosphate, potassium chloride, 0.05% yucca Mojave, 0.02% seaweed meal.

400 g.
utilizzare da 3 a 8 settimane. Se i sintomi di intolleranza si sono attenuati, la dieta può essere utilizzata a tempo indeterminato.