Mac's is a complete moist food for dogs and cats of all breeds. Prepare gently with 70% meat and/or fish as the first protein source ingredient to get what you like best to your four-legged friend. Natural diets, without cereals, soy, no animal flours, no animal bones, without minced meat, minced and recycled. This ensures a great taste with high appetite. This food does not contain dyes, aromas or artificial preservatives, to feed your dog or cat in a natural and healthy way. Minerals and essential vitamins complement this food to feed your pet in a balanced way for complete and holistic food. Thanks to its gentle preparation, all the essential components are retained. This high quality food is produced in Germany, also suitable for dogs and cats with food sensitivity. Also for a healthy and tasty reward, Mac's has thought of delicious semi-moist snacks with a high percentage of meat (at least 90%) and no cereal, grain free. MAC's Tasties do not contain dyes and they are perfect as a reward or out of the meal, the special cereal-free formula makes them also suitable for dogs with food sensitivity. In addition, the integration of L-Carnitine, a substance capable of transforming fat into energy, helps in preventing fatty accumulation.

MAC's CAT Pouch Kitten Beef & Poultry - 100G.
100 g.
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