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4Vets Umido Cane with Lamb

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Formato: 400 g.

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If you want to feed your pet in a conscious, responsible and most importantly healthy way, 4Vets Natural Beef Wet Dog Food will be perfect. The simple recipe is based on high quality meat and animal products, including beef. It is a low-fat raw material and, at the same time, rich in valuable fatty acids. Provides healthy protein with the right proportions of all amino acids. 4Vets Natural wet food is highly digestible and bioavailable in nutrients. The addition of linseed oil, as a source of valuable unsaturated fatty acids of the n-6 family, has a positive effect on the functioning of the skin, making the coat shiny and healthy. Regulates the work of the cardiovascular system and brain development.

Ingredients: beef 30%, pork 25%, lamb 10%, minerals, 0.2% linseed oil.

400 g.