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4Vets Umido Cane Skin and Coat

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Formato: 185 g.

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4Vets Umido Cane Skin and Coat

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4Vets Umido Cane Skin and Coat

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Veterinary diet 4vets Skin Support is a complete dog food recommended in case of dermatological symptoms and adverse reactions of the digestive system. Thanks to the content of Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, organic zinc and selenium, it supports the functions of the skin and the condition of the coat. Due to the use of an animal protein source, it can be used as an elimination diet. Nutrition plays a significant role in the proper skin and coat condition of dogs, which reflects their health and condition. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a balanced diet, limit contact with harmful factors and food allergens in order to maintain the correct appearance of the skin and its products (hair, claws).

185 g.
tacchino 38% (stomaco, fegato, cuori, filetto, bucce), fecola di patate 6%, zucca 3%, olio di salmone 3%, olio di lino 1,5%, lievito di birra essiccato 0,4% (fonte di prebiotici: mannano-oligosaccaridi e β-glucani), semi di psillio 0,3%...