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4Vets Umido Cane Joint Hepatic

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4Vets Umido Cane Joint Hepatic

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4Vets Umido Cane Joint Hepatic

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The 4vets hepatic veterinary diet is a complete and specialized food for dogs suffering from liver failure and other liver diseases. The limited supply of high-quality protein has a positive effect on liver function and hepatocyte regeneration and prevents muscle tissue atrophy. Highly digestible carbohydrates contained in the diet are a non-protein source of energy, the metabolism of which does not lead to the formation of toxic products of protein metabolism.

Basic dietary management in both acute and chronic liver failure is an easily digestible, reduced-fat diet. The diet must contain an adequate amount of protein with a high digestibility index. Providing the right amount of nutrients will help maintain a high level of nutrition in the body. It is also important to increase the frequency of the diet, but in smaller portions. Due to the natural tendency to accumulate copper in the metabolically inefficient liver, the liver diet should be deficient in this element.

High quality protein: easily digestible feed, based on healthy sources of animal protein. The high digestibility factor ensures that the body is properly nourished. The high nutritional value proteins guarantee the possibility of regeneration of hepatocytes and their more efficient functioning, contributing to the removal, among other things, of ammonia and other harmful metabolites.

Low fat content - fat content limited to the minimum necessary, ensuring the correct energy supply of the body, but not increasing the production of bile and bile acids. The quantity and proportions of polyunsaturated fatty acids of the Omega-3 and Omega-6 families determine the correct biochemical control of inflammatory processes.

Artichoke - contains, among others cynarin and inulin, which improve the functioning of the digestive system and stimulate metabolic processes. Organic acid, which is cynarin, shows choleretic and choleretic properties, thanks to which it facilitates the digestion of food. In addition, it has a protective effect on the liver cells.

Milk thistle - contains silymarin, which has a positive effect on the liver - detoxifies it, stabilizes and seals the membranes of hepatocytes. In addition, it supports the self-regeneration of liver cells.

Chicory inulin - as a natural prebiotic, stabilizes the intestinal microflora and has a positive effect on maintaining the correct course of digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Dried brewer's yeast (source of prebiotics: mannan-oligosaccharides and β-glucans) - has a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora. Yeast has a high biological value also due to the high content of B vitamins. The use of yeast in the nutrition of young dogs is particularly important as it stimulates a wide range of immune responses.

Mojave yucca - the presence of this ingredient stimulates digestive functions, the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract and regulates its peristalsis. Added to the diet, it reduces intestinal gas production and the intensity of stool odor. Additionally, Mojave yucca saponins have antibacterial activity that suppresses intestinal protozoal infections and polyphenols are anti-inflammatory.

Vitamina D3 - 450 UI, Vitamina C (acido ascorbico) - 2000 mg, Niacina - 50 mg, Vitamina E - 40 mg, Calcio D-pantotenato - 20 mg, Vitamina B1 (tiamina mononitrato) - 12 mg, Vitamina B2 (riboflavina) - 9 mg, acido folico - 4 mg, vitamina B6 - 2,5 mg...
400 g.
tacchino 34% (fegato, stomaci, filetto, bucce), uova 6%, fecola di patate 6%, riso integrale naturale 4%, olio di lino 2%, carciofo 2%, olio di salmone 1%, lievito di birra essiccato 0,5% (fonte di prebiotici: mannano-oligosaccaridi e β-glucani), ca