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4Vets Umido Cane Diabetes

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The 4vets diabetes veterinary diet is a complete dietary food for dogs adapted to the needs of pets with diagnosis of diabetes and overweight obese dogs after sterilization. Food fiber and low levels of fast carbohydrate glucose releases help to control the blood sugar levels and the weight of your dog. The most common causes of diabetes development are genetics, insulin-immunological resistance, pancreatitis and obesity in adult dogs, which is becoming increasingly common. Reducing the fluctuations of blood sugar and maintaining glucose levels in the blood near normalcy helps to control symptoms and prevent complications of diabetes.

Chicory - is a rich source of inulin, which is a prebiotic, which is a nutrient for the physiological bacterial flora of the intestine. Adequate flora hinders the growth of pathological bacteria in the digestive tract of animals and thus prevents diseases of the digestive tract.

High-quality protein - food made from low-fat, healthy animal protein sources. Using this level and quality of protein is sufficient to rebuild tissues, not as a simple source of protein.

Low fat content - derived from animal raw materials and vegetable oil ensures maximum involvement of the functions of the liver and pancreas and prolongs the time required for their digestion. In addition, the polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega-3 family present in salmon oil provide the quantity necessary for the biochemical control of inflammatory processes.

L-carnitine - is a compound that accelerates the metabolism of fats in the body and lowers the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Dietary fiber - high content (3% of the total weight of food) ensures adequate water absorption, thanks to which the veterinary diet Diabetes increases the feeling of fullness and filling of the gastrointestinal tract, which in turn stimulates the centers of satiety and reduces the feeling of hunger. The presence of dietary fiber in the form, among other things, of psyllium seeds influence the binding of fatty components in the digestive tract, reducing their digestibility and their use as energy components.

Carbohydrates - Diabetes food uses starch, which is a polysaccharide and slowly releases glucose. It is very important in diabetes to avoid mono and disaccharides, which cause a rapid rise in sugar content, which can be very dangerous for organisms with improper insulin management.

Dried brewer's yeast (source of prebiotics: mannan-oligosaccharides and β-glucans) - has a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora. Yeast has a high biological value also due to the high content of B vitamins. The use of yeast in the nutrition of young dogs is particularly important as it stimulates a wide range of immune responses.

Yucca Mojave - the presence of these ingredients stimulates the digestive functions, the absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract and stimulates its peristalsis. Added to the diet, it reduces intestinal gas production and the intensity of stool odor. Additionally, Mojave yucca saponins have antibacterial activity that suppresses intestinal protozoal infections and polyphenols are anti-inflammatory.

Psyllium seeds (Plantago psyllium L.) - the seeds combine the properties of highly soluble fiber with a low level of fermentability in the small intestine, exerting a positive effect on improving intestinal peristalsis. In addition, they have water binding and gelling properties, thus normalizing the passage of food.

400 g.