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Inodorina Refresh TALCO Sanitizing Wipes

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The Inodorina Refresh Sanitizing Wipes are scented in resistant fabric, moistened with a moisturizing, emollient and protective agent, which, respecting the natural pH, cleanse, deodorize, and polish the coat of cats, dogs and puppies.

Pack of 40 pcs.

made of durable fabric

moisten with a moisturizing, emollient and protective agent, which respects the natural pH

without alcohol

without parabens

not tested on animals

Inodorina Refresh wipes are very useful in moments of daily life with our pet: before a trip by car and at the end of a walk or an outdoor trip. Inodorina Refresh is particularly suitable when returning home on rainy days because it neutralizes the molecules of bad odor on the wet coat, leaving the hair clean and perfumed.

Directions for use: Very easy to use, just remove the towel, open it and pass it gently on the pet's coat, without rinsing.