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4Vets Umido Cane Kidney Support

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4Vets Umido Cane Kidney Support

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4Vets Umido Cane Kidney Support

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The 4vets Kidney Support Veterinary Diet is a complete dietetic food for dogs with chronic and non-chronic renal failure.

After symptoms have subsided and in older dogs, it can be used as a prophylaxis. The reduced content of phosphorus and sodium and the limited supply of high-quality proteins have a positive effect on the functioning of the kidneys. The n-3 and n-6 ​​acids contained in the diet contribute to the inhibition of the inflammatory process.

In the treatment of both acute and chronic nephritis, it is important to use an appropriate diet with simultaneous drug therapy. The diet of dogs with chronic renal failure is based on maintaining the correct body weight and all vital parameters, so as not to overload this organ through an excessive intake of protein and phosphorus in the diet. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow a diet based on easily digestible nutrient sources of high biological value.


High-quality protein - food made from low-fat, healthy animal protein sources. The addition of a chicken egg increases the limiting amino acid ratio to a level that ensures the correct proportions in the use of all amino acids. The amount of protein covers the body's minimum need for amino acids, but does not cause their excessive catabolism and the formation of products that could disturb the functioning of the kidneys.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids - the presence of fatty acids derived from both animal raw materials and linseed oil ensures maximum involvement of the polyunsaturated fatty acids of the Omega-3 and Omega-6 families in the biochemical control of the products. -inflammatory formation of cytokines and by specific inhibition of activity, cyclooxygenases (COX-2) have analgesic and relaxing properties on the muscles of the blood vessels of the kidney.

Reduced phosphorus content - in the Kidney Support veterinary diet, the composition of the raw material was selected so that the diet contains a reduced phosphorus content, due to which degenerative changes in the kidney are inhibited.

L-carnitine - provides targeted and facilitated transport of medium-chain fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they undergo metabolism. The lipolytic effect thus obtained affects the reduction of body weight and inhibits the use of proteins for energy purposes, thanks to which the kidneys receive fewer products of protein catabolism.

The presence of manno-oligosaccharides, yeast, yucca Mojave extract - stimulate digestive functions and the absorption of nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract and regulate its peristalsis.

185 g.